Basic Penis Pump Review

Basic Penis Pump

If you simply can’t extend into the price of this Tracey Cox Edge Ultimate penis pump (that is approximately $45), there’s a white label manhood pump that comes in various different colours and sold in two distinct variants — with and without a textured pump sleeve.

The canister feels fragile as a result of very low quality plastic, although by comparison does not have a dimension scale embossed on both sides, and is slightly smaller in the length and girth in comparison with the Edge manhood pump.

The handheld pump itself is rather small and can be slow to reinflate though it will sport a few texturing to make it somewhat easier to grasp.

Tough to eliminate and really reinsert in the canister, the textured pump sleeve is slim and provides quite limited relaxation.

When analyzing it I found that not only was it quite uncomfortable and firm, but it was rather hard work to receive any degree of adequate pressure. Placing the pump sleeve back after elimination was nigh on impossible!

You could think about getting a universal replacement pump sleeve for extra comfort and suction nevertheless if you are considering going down this path, you would be best off just purchasing a better quality, higher priced manhood pump from the very start.

It is an entry-level manhood pump, much more akin to people needing a little bit of bedroom fun, but when it boils right down to it, maybe not acceptable for routine, regular pumping sessions. It is only overly basic and also the very low price point of the penis pump does reflect at the missing quality.